Help Center - Safety & Security

Our thoughts on safety in Web3

We understand that Web3 and the world of NFTs is extremely new and confusing for most people. It’s very fast moving and constantly changing. We also understand that people are concerned about various scams in the Web3 space that they may have heard on the news.

That is why our Number 1 priority is to provide a safe and educative environment for our users to get involved with NFTs. We have built NFT GO in a way that minimizes risks, and we constantly monitor the app to ensure there are no issues for our users.

Why is there no login and account for NFT GO?

NFT GO is a Web3 company. We do not require a user’s biographical information in order for them to use our service. We deliberately ask for as little user information as possible, and only require your email in order to send you a confirmation when your NFTs have been processed.

We believe in our users’ rights to privacy, and we don’t need to know their name, address, phone number, location, etc to provide a great service.

Where Web 2 required users to create accounts using a username and password, Web3 authenticates users through the wallet address and corresponding Private Keys. If you have access to your wallet address and the appropriate private keys for that wallet, you will be able to access NFT GO, just as you can access MetaMask if you have your wallet and Private Keys.

What information should I never share?

You should NEVER share your Private Key. You should NEVER share your 12-word passphrase. These are the keys to your wallet, and should only be possessed by you. Please write them down and keep them somewhere safe, as you can use them to retrieve your account should there ever be any issues.

Your Private Key and 12 Word passphrase are stored locally on your device. NFT GO does not store them on our servers. Therefore, it is your responsibility to keep your phone and those Private Keys safe.

NFT GO will NEVER ask you for your Private key or 12 word passphrase. We do not have that information, nor do we require that information. If someone asks you for the Private Key or 12 word phrase, immediately report them and leave the conversation.

What information is OK to share?

Your NFT GO wallet address is OK to share. This address is publicly viewable on the blockchain, and is the way sites like OpenSea identify your account. NFT GO may ask you for your wallet address when processing a support ticket, as that is how we can identify your specific account.