Help Center - Minting & Buying NFTs

What are gems?

Gems are the in-app currency that allow users to purchase NFTs from collections or mint their own on the NFT GO platform. You can buy gems by navigating to the gems tab in the main navigation bar.

What does it mean to mint an NFT?

Minting an NFT refers to the act of tokenizing an artwork. When you create or purchase an NFT on our platform, we “mint” the NFT to your wallet address. That means that we confirm on the blockchain that your wallet address is the owner of this specific artwork, and every computer on that blockchain will show that your wallet owns the NFT. This is true both when you create a new NFT and when you purchase an NFT from a collection on NFT GO.

How do I mint my own NFT?

Creating an NFT Is extremely simple on NFT GO. First, make sure you have enough gems to mint an NFT. Minting an NFT on the Polygon network costs 10 gems, whereas minting an NFT on the Ethereum network costs 70 gems. Once you’ve purchased gems, click the middle button on the bottom navigation bar, that says “Create NFT”. Then, follow these steps:

Step 1: Select Image → Select any image from your camera roll that you wish to turn into an NFT.

Step 2: NFT Details → Enter a title, description, and an email. We’ll need an email to send you a receipt once your NFT has been minted. If you want to mint the NFT to the wallet that is connected to your NFT GO account, leave the “Receiving Wallet Address” field empty.

Step 3: Select Blockchain → Choose between the Polygon and Ethereum blockchains.

Step 4: Review and Publish → Review and make sure all of the information is correct. If you wish to proceed, select “Publish NFT” and your NFT will be minted on the blockchain of your choice, to your NFT GO wallet (if you left the Receiving address empty) or to a secondary wallet (if you entered a wallet address in the Receiving wallet field)

Receiving a confirmation email when my NFT has minted

When you tap the “Publish” button when minting your own NFT, you should immediately receive a confirmation email from NFT GO with a summary of your order. If you do not receive an email, one of two things may have happened: 1) you mistyped your email address, or 2) it may have landed in your spam folder.

When the NFT has completed minting, you will receive a second email confirming that the NFT has been minted, with a link to view the NFT on OpenSea.

When creating my own NFT, what do I put in the “Receiving Wallet Address” field, and why is it optional?

If you leave the Receiving wallet Address field empty, the NFT will be minted to the wallet that is currently connected to your NFT GO account. This is the wallet address in the “My NFTs” tab. If you want to mint the NFT to a wallet address that is not your connected wallet, you can enter that wallet address in the Receiving Wallet Address field. We recommend leaving this field blank and mining your NFTs to your connected wallet.

If you choose to mint the NFT to another wallet address, you will still be able to see the NFT you minted in the My NFTs page, under the “Created” tab, but this NFT will not belong to your connected wallet, and will not transfer over with the other NFTs if you import your wallet into MetaMask.

Only use this option if the other wallet address you are minting to is also connected to your Metamask.

What is the difference between the Polygon and Ethereum networks?

When you mint an NFT on NFT GO, you have the option of selecting between the Polygon and Ethereum blockchains.

Polygon: Polygon is a layer-2 solution built on the Ethereum network. It is gasless and significantly faster than Ethereum. Minting on Polygon is more affordable than Ethereum, and the Polygon network is enjoying continued growth in popularity.

Ethereum: Ethereum is the world’s largest and most popular smart contract-enabled blockchain. Minting on Ethereum costs a lot more than most other blockchains, as gas fees tend to be significantly higher. Additionally, minting on Ethereum will take longer to process, but Ethereum NFTs typically have higher resale potential than NFTs on other blockchains. We are actively working on increasing support for additional blockchains in the future.

How do I buy an NFT from a collection?

NFT GO partners with some of the world’s top crypto artists and creators to give our users access to exclusive NFT drops. To buy an NFT from a collection, tap into the collection you want to purchase and browse through the artwork. When you find an item that you want to buy, tap on the item. If you have enough gems to purchase the item, you will see a quick loading icon and then receive a confirmation popup. You will also receive a confirmation email if the order is successfully filled.

Once the purchase is processed and the NFT enters your wallet, you will receive a confirmation email.

I minted and/or bought an NFT. Where do I see it?

All NFTs you mint or purchase can be found in your wallet, located in the My NFTs page of the app. NFTs created by you will be in the “Created” tab of your wallet, whereas all purchased NFTs will be in the “Collected” tab.