Introducing: Exclusive NFT Drops

NFT GO is excited to introduce our exclusive NFT Drops! We’ve partnered with the top artists, creators, and brands in the world to bring their art, in the form of NFTs, directly to our users.

NFT GO is the only app that serves as a direct mobile distribution partner to the top creators in the NFT community, allowing them to reach mobile-first audiences. Our users get the benefit of having exclusive access to early releases, exclusive content, and the ability to discover and buy the hottest NFT art right on their phones.

And the best part is, once NFT GO users purchase an NFT from an NFT Drop inside the NFT GO app, that NFT is sent directly to their secure NFT GO wallet. Users can transfer, hold, or sell those NFTs on all the major marketplaces.

If you are an artist or NFT creator and want to make your collection available on NFT GO, email us at

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Introducing: Exclusive NFT Drops! 🎉

NFT GO is excited to officially introduce our exclusive partnered NFT Drops! Download NFT GO to see them now!